Catálogo de Localizações Anômalas Simples

Forward: In addition to Major Anomalous objects, The Authority also keeps track of Anomalous Locations whose properties are extremely dull or mundane. Much like the Lesser Anomalies catalog these locations are typically Alpha-White by default.

Designation: LA-001
Location: Miami, Florida, USA.
Description: A local residence house.
Properties: Every day at 5PM EST every door swings open.
Use: Used by the Protection Division for prepared readiness training.

Designation: LA-002
Location: Hospet, Karnataka, India.
Description: Remains of a 14th-century Hindu temple.
Properties: Roof absorbs rainwater and re-expresses it on interior ceiling as ghee (clarified butter).
Use: Containment Division front company operates a ghee manufactory centered on-site.

Designation: LA-003
Location: Keele River, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Description: A naturally-formed gravel bar measuring approx. 25m x 10m.
Properties: Gravel naturally arranges itself into repetitive spiral patterns. Any personnel who touch gravel with bare feet describe experiencing a sudden cold gust of wind and a cloud moving across the sun, regardless of actual ambient weather conditions.
Use: None, currently monitored by remote.

Designation: LA-004
Location: Masvingo, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.
Description: Area of open grassland 2km outside the Great Zimbabwe archeological complex.
Properties: Living animals moving through the area appear to hover 3mm off the ground instead of physically making contact with it. Soil and local plant life are wholly non-anomalous.
Use: None, currently fenced off and disguised as a sewage disposal facility for the Great Zimbabwe tourist site.

Designation: LA-005
Location: Codru, Chișinău Municipality, Moldova.
Description: A Restaurant.
Properties: Upon consumption of any food item, the subject's eyes will turn blue for approximately 20 minutes
Use: None, all patrons are to be given short-term amnestics upon exiting the restaurant.

Designation: LA-006
Location: Palomar County, California, USA.
Description: A plot of forest land.
Properties: Every summer season at 0900 hours the apparition of a large skinless creature wearing traditional Native American garb of the area manifests before disappearing at 2100 hours the same night. This apparition is ethereal but has shown notice of individuals who unknowingly get too close by hunching its back and moving its head in their apparent direction. Apparition does not appear to be sentient or sapient as it reacts, in the exact same manner, no matter the details of the incident and then follows a set routine before disappearing.
Use: Used by protection forces for stealth training and escape exercises. Cover as seasonal fall camping.
Classification of RPC status denied on grounds that the apparition contains itself and is not sentient.

Designation: LA-007
Location: Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil.
Description: A Warehouse.
Properties: LA-007 is stocked with empty cardboard boxes of various sizes, numbering exactly 8598 cardboard boxes. No matter how many cardboards are removed from the warehouse, it will always have 8598 boxes, attempting to remove all 8598 cardboard boxes will only result in more boxes appearing to return into the previous number of 8598.
Use: Used by the CLO as a front company. Cardboards created in LA-007 are to be transferred to Authority sites as logistical supplies.

Designation: LA-008
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Description: A local residence house.
Properties: At random intervals every month, random objects seemingly disappear, while a maximum of 5 socks of various brands takes its place. Biological organism do not appear to be affected
Use: NA

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