Classes de Objetos

Basic Information

Every object that is obtained and catalogued by the RPC Authority has a series of designations attributed to them. The reason behind this is that most objects don't behave similarly and thus need these classifications to assist researchers in properly dealing with them and being able to rapidly and efficiently explain the level of danger they represent. There are 7 Containment Ratings and 6 Lethality Ratings that accompany them.

Containment & Lethality Rating

A Containment Rating determines an anomaly's difficulty of containment. Some objects are easier to contain than others; however, this does not mean that such objects are any less dangerous or lethal. It's completely possible for an anomaly to be incredibly easy to contain and yet have world-ending capabilities. The same is true for the opposite - it is also possible for an anomaly to be extremely difficult to contain and yet be completely benign in nature. An anomaly's Lethality Rating is simply tied to its potential ability to cause destruction and end life.

Object Class

An Object Class is an anomaly's Containment Rating and Lethality Rating put together. For example, an anomaly with an Omega Containment Rating and a Black Lethality Rating would have an Object Class of "Omega-Black". Bear in mind that 'object' is just a general term, and RPCs can be wholly informational or conceptual.

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