Overview: This document deals with various peoples known to deal in paranormal artifacts, as well as their objectives and methods of operation.

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Threat ID System

Threat Level Description
PT-01 A person with knowledge or possession of anomalous objects that pose a direct and immediate threat to The Authority and humanity as a whole.
PT-02 A person with capacities to cause major disruption to society and may have knowledge of The Authority.
PT-03 A person in possession of minor anomalous items or knowledge. These persons do not have knowledge of The Authority and have little capability to enact major disruptions to normal life.
PU-0 A persons who's motives are unknown.
PA-03 A person that is not cooperative with The Authority but does not pose a direct threat.
PA-02 A person which is amicable to Authority actions.
PA-01 A person that is continuously supportive of Authority actions.

Marion Valérie Riviera - PT-02



Overview: As a counterintelligence operative, Marion Riviera has demonstrated exceptional skills in manipulating subjects to complete her assignment. Agent Riviera has completed several operations where she had successfully infiltrated various Groups of Interest to plant false evidence. Her skills are forged from her youth where she went to an acting school and briefly starred for a short-lived TV show. She had become an intelligence agent for the French DGSE by her twenties.

Agent Riviera was offered a position in the Counterintelligence Division of MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" after she caught the attention of The Board through her actions in Paris on 20 July 2003. Agent Riviera gladly accepted the position and has demonstrated excellent performance ever since. However, recently in June 2018, Agent Riviera had gone rogue and insubordinately assassinated several mob leaders stationed in Las Vegas. As of September 2018, Agent Riviera has taken several freelance espionage assignments for various organizations including the Church of Malthus GoI.

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